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small business owners

We make life easier for small business owners by fixing problems and taking care of the technical stuff around their WordPress website.

Did you know WordPress needs to be updated regularly so it’s less likely to get hacked and stop working? Are you worried about running the updates in case your website breaks?

Are your website pages loading slowly? Do you wish you could check your emails on your phone or wonder why your messages keep ending up in the spam folder?

If you run your own business and have one or more WordPress websites, what are the main advantages of working with us?

  • We take care of all the technical stuff for you so things run smoothly
  • We can help you by providing support and answering questions about things like websites or emails whenever required
  • You get a better night’s sleep knowing your site is in safe hands and is being properly maintained

We’ll work with you to create a plan which can include website hosting, updates, backups and emails so you don’t have to worry any more about those things as we do everything behind the scenes!

We have lots of experience working with small business owners and helping them so they can concentrate on the parts of their business they enjoy, instead of having to deal with technical issues.

Would you feel more comfortable knowing you have specialists on hand to ask when you need help?

Do you have a question or an issue with your website at the moment? Would you like a no-obligation chat in plain English about what to do?

Get in touch today to start the discussion about how we could work together and make your life easier.

Web Hosting

We have the knowledge and experience to provide ongoing hosting which is reliable and offers great performance so you don't have to worry about setting up, moving and maintaining websites - we do all the work for you in the background!


Domain Management

We offer a complete domain name service to make life easy - we can register one or more brand new domain names, or you can transfer over your existing domain names and we'll take care of them for you, along with renewals each year.

WordPress Maintenance

Do you have one or more WordPress sites with core files, plugins and themes to update? Do you always remember to run the updates? We all know the security risks so let us take control using our overview tools to monitor everything.

Keith was friendly and patient and explained everything he was doing in a way that I could understand. I would highly recommend Keith to sort out your website and email issues - he's one of those brilliant people who genuinely enjoys solving the problems that drive most of us round the twist!

Cath Downes

Find Your Calm

I highly recommend Keith, his knowledge and his excellent ability to communicate this has been invaluable in my development, he has been such a great support to me and the guidance he has given has taken me from being stuck and bewildered around my website, to feeling comfortable and confident moving forward.

Jane Iskander

Occupational Alchemist

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